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Meet our skilled tutors, offering expertise in various subjects such as math, art, and more. We even have instructors knowledgeable in extracurricular activities like snowboarding/skiing. This about page highlights the experience our teachers possess, instilling confidence in our services.


Amy Gu
Graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University, China, with extensive experience in tutoring elementary school students. Particularly proficient in teaching English and Math for students from SK to Grade 4.


​          Kyra Chui
CSIA Level 2(Skiing)
ver 180 hours of teaching expertise
Served over 45 students.

Her aspiration is to educate more youngsters passionate about skiing and foster communication and growth between them and their parents. She aims to ensure that everyone can experience and appreciate the beauty of winter in Canada.

​       Vivian Han
Master of Arts in Consultancy & Entrepreneurship at Rotter dam Business School in Holland. International Certificate in Financial English(Cambridge)
16-year experience in administration and teaching various international language proficiency tests, including ESL, IELTS, TOEFL


​       Wang I-Chung
Master of Engineering Chinese Culture University in Taiwan.
4 years for high / middle Schools' Math in Taiwan. 26 years for high / middle / primary Schools' Math in Toronto


​        Jess Yu
Graduated from York University Visual Arts.excellent graphic design ability and the ability of independent analysis, good ability of creative strategy, successful companies advertising copywriting as well as the main image design.

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